City of Kotka

Welcome to Kotka!

Kotka’s new website was published on 14 January 2020. We will add more information in English throughout the year, so please check this site for updates.

What to do in Kotka

Kotka, city by the sea, is famous for its varied events and internationally awarded parks. Our parks are the city’s pride and joy, so make sure to visit the Sapokka Water Garden in the city centre at Kotkansaari and the Riverside Park Jokipuisto in Karhula.

In the summer, hop on to a ferry and have a sea trip to the stunning islands of Kotka archipelago.

Kotka has a wide range of sports activities that you can enjoy all year round. In our swimming pools, you can swim both indoors and outdoors; in our parks you can workout at outdoor gyms and have fun at a skating park.

Taste the local delicacy posso, a sweet pastry filled with warm apple jam. It is best enjoyed in the outdoor cafes located at the market squares of Kotka and Karhula.

Services in Kotka

For further information keep checking this site for updates or visit our Customer service point Ruori (information in Finnish).

Information on social and healthcare services in Kotka and Kymenlaakso region can be found at

Orientation services for immigrants: residence permits, registration, social security system. Tel. 040 5100 547 or 05 234 5844,, address Karhulantie 46, Kotka