MOONA – Guidance and counselling for immigrants

Guidance and counselling for immigrants MOONA serves all immigrants in matters related to immigration and integration, regardless of how long they have been in Finland or on what basis they are in Finland.

MOONA advises immigrants on issues such as:

  • Residence permits (Migri)
  • Social security and benefits (Kela)
  • Social security, social security, social insurance and social security (Kela), social security and employment matters (TE services)
  • Education and training opportunities
  • Housing
  • Leisure

MOONA also provides information about life in Finland and Finnish society. You can ask for information about services in the cities, or ask for help if you don’t know which authority to contact. MOONA also advises authorities, employers, organisations and others who need more information on immigration-related matters. This service is available by phone, e-mail and at MOONA service points. You can also get in touch via MOONA’s Facebook Messenger. MOONA is available in Finnish and many other languages. The service is free of charge.

For information on living and housing in Kotka, you can also find information on the city’s website, a guide for immigrants.

Guide for immigrants


MOONA is open for guidance and counselling for immigrants:


Address: Karhulantie 46, 48600 Kotka
Monday, Tuesday and Thursday 8.00–15.30
Wednesday 12.00–17.00
Friday 8.00–14.00

Address: Rauhankatu 8, 49400 Hamina
Tuesdays 12.00 – 15.30

Address: Vallikatu 4, 49400
Thursdays 11.30 – 13.30

Address: Merikatu 3, 48100 Kotka
Wednesdays 12.00–15.45


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