Allotment gardens

Gardening plots

The City of Kotka rents land for cultivation in Karhuvuori and Helilä. The plots are about 50 or 100 m² in size and the rents are 15 and 30 euros/summer. The previous year’s tenants have the right of first refusal to rent the plot. The vacant plots are distributed at the beginning of April.

The total number of plots is 104, 57 in Helilä and 47 in Karhuvuori.

Instructions and rules for cultivating the plots can be found below:

Instructions and rules for allotments in the City of Kotka (.pdf)

Allotment Gardens

The city rents allotment garden plots in four areas (Metsola, Langinlaakso, Langinkoski and Korela). The total number of plots is approximately 360.

City of Kotka Allotment Garden Guide

At its meeting on 7 April 2022, the City of Kotka’s Environmental Committee approved the guidelines for use in the city’s transplant garden areas (.pdf, currently only available in Finnish). The purpose of the guidelines is to highlight issues that reinforce the preservation of the special characteristics of the areas and to provide guidance on issues such as construction, waste and wastewater management.

The transfer of the tenancy

The transfer of the tenancy of a parcel of allotment land takes place when there is a change of tenant, e.g. as a result of a sale, partition or inheritance.

For the transfer of the lease, the following must be submitted to the City of Kotka:

  • The original lease agreement (indicating the transfer of the lease)
  • Consent of the Siirtolapuutarhayhdistys (allotment garden association) and membership fee to be paid
  • In case of purchase: the original deed of sale (Note! The buyer must be a resident of Kotka and registered in Kotka).
  • In case of partition: partition deed
  • In case of inheritance: copy of the certificate of inheritance or will

Transfer of tenancy rights costs 80 euros. The lease contract will be sent to the buyer after the transfer entry.


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