All Saints’ Day affects bus services

3.11.2023 | Saturday 4 November is All Saints’ Day and therefore local bus services will run according to Sunday timetables. On Sunday 5 November, the Sunday after All Saints’ Day, normal Sunday timetables will apply.

In addition to the normal Sunday services, local bus services in Kotka and on the Kotka – Hamina route will run on the Saturday – Sunday night departures on lines 1 and 13 according to the timetable:

Line 1
Kotka – Karhula – Hamina:
Departures from Kotka at 0.05 and 1.05,
From Hamina departures at 23.05 and 0.05

Line 13
Kotka city centre – Metsola – Aittakorpi – Karhuvuori – Mussalo – Keskusta:
departures 23.00, 00.00, 01.00, 02.00*
*at 02.00 the service continues only until Mussalo.

All Saints’ Day will have an impact on Kotka’s internal lines
2, 5B, 6/6B, 7, 9B/P009, 25/25S, 32B, 34B, P010, P011, P012 and P015.

In addition, lines 18 and 19 to the cemeteries of Parikka and Laajakoski in Kotka will be operated on public holidays. Connections to other cemeteries will be the same as normal on Sundays.

The Kotka Region Route Guide in the

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