Preventive services for the elderly

A summary has been drawn up of the preventive services for the elderly by the City of Kotka and other parties. The summary includes the following services:

  • service instruction and advice
  • active everyday life
  • third-sector activities
  • support for living at home
  • preventive work in nursing homes.

Further information is provided by the service instructors for primary caregivers.

Home visits supporting welfare

Home visits are offered to all local residents due to reach the age of 80 and 85 years, not receiving any services.

The goals are to:

  • provide information about the services
  • provide guidance and advice
  • increase safety
  • find and support one’s own coping strategies.

Contact Information

Head Nurse
Katri Idström
tel. 040 6705 277

Kotkansaari home care area
Anne-Maj Danielsbacka
tel. 044 702 7833

Länsi-Kotka home care area
Service Instructor
Päivi Kuisma
044 702 5613

Karhula home care area
Service Instructors
Jonna Ahola
Eastern Karhula, Southern Karhula and Yöpartio
tel. 044 702 7240

Riina Forsman
Northern Karhula ja Kolkansaari
tel. 044 286 0133

The e-mail addresses are of format: