Support for primary caregivers

Primary care refers to the arrangement of the treatment and care of an old-aged person, person with a disability or sick person in the home environment by a relative or other person close to the person in question. The objective is to support home care and nursing by the primary caregiver.

The care fee is determined by how binding and demanding the care is. The fee is paid to the primary caregiver, and it is taxable income.

Contact Information

Adult and elderly population
(when the person cared is more than 18 years old)
not persons with mental disabilities

Head Nurse
Katri Idström
Merikatu 1
48100 Kotka
tel.040 670 5277

Home care / support for primary caregivers

Vesivallintie 29
48600 Kotka
Telephone hours of service instructors
Monday 8.00-11.00
Friday 8.00-10.00


Itä-Karhula, Etelä-Karhula,
Service Instructor
Hannele Moisio
tel. 044 702 7505

Kolkansaari, Länsi-kotka
Service Instructor
Susanna Hakulinen
tel. 040 526 5447

Service Instructor
Eija Tulikoura
tel. 040 630 3404

Support team for primary caregivers
Vesivallintie 29
48600 Kotka

tel. 044 702 6663

Practical Nurses
tel. 044 702 6665

Disability Services Office
Takojantie 1
48220 Kotka
tel. 05 234 51 (exchange)