Service instruction

Service instruction refers to advice and guidance that support the promotion of well-being and health. Service instruction covers information on services and benefits, and promotion of well-being.

Service instruction is primarily intended for the elderly, their families and friends as well as professionals in different fields.

Where can you get service instruction?

  • A service instructor can be contacted by telephone or e-mail.
  • If necessary, you can make an appointment for a home visit. This includes an assessment of individual operating capacity and service needs. The home visit is free of charge.
  • A service instructor can be contacted by the client, the client’s relative or friend, or anyone who is concerned about the coping of an elderly person. The service instructors are also be available at the service points.
  • Service instruction is also available in events for senior citizens and at markets.

The goal of service instruction and advice is to:

  • Support the independent coping and security, autonomous promotion of welfare and health, and self-care of the elderly.
  • Take into account, as early as possible, changes taking place in the life, health and functional capacity of the elderly, where these changes complicate coping in everyday life. The changes can be for example memory problems and physical impairment.

Contact Information

Home care in the Kotkansaari area
Service Instructor
Anne-Maj Danielsbacka
tel. 044 702 7833

Teams in Southern and Eastern Karhula
Service Instructor
Marika Ahlqvist
tel.044 702 7240

Kolkansaari and Northern Karhula
Service Instructor
Maija Björkas
tel.044 286 0133

Home care in Western Kotka
Service Instructor
Päivi Kuisma
tel.044 702 5613

The e-mail addresses are of format: