Home hospital


The goal of the home hospital is to promote and maintain the health of patients and to treat diseases in the patients’ homes or in home-like conditions by providing hospital-level care and guidance.

Home hospital is

  • an alternative to hospital care
  • 24-hour hospital care in the patient’s home, nursing homes or sheltered housing
  • based on the patient’s voluntary consent
  • care taking place under a doctor’s referral, with the diagnosis and treatment plan guiding the care work
  • the care of paediatric patients is supervised by the paediatrician of the Kymenlaakso Central Hospital.

Home hospital treats

  • infections: pneumonia, urinary tract infections, erysipelas
  • Lyme disease
  • patients with pain
  • cancer diseases
  • hospice patients
  • difficult leg ulcers
  • difficult skin diseases
  • post-operative cases
  • blood transfusions
  • lung diseases
  • intravenous hydration/nutrition

Hospice care

Kotka is able to provide hospice care at home. The doctor responsible for palliative care at the Health Centre together with a nurse attend to the hospice care. The care is carried out in co-operation with other units.

Hospice patients are given a support care position at the hospital, where the patient can come at all times of the day.

The care is palliative care tailored to the needs of the patient. The care is carried out in close collaboration with the patient and the patient’s family. The patient’s family is supported throughout the care and also after its completion. The family and the patient can obtain support person services from the Kymenlaakso Cancer Association.


Home hospital
Vesivallintie 29
48600 Kotka
tel. 044 702 7502

Acting Head Nurse
Heli Hämäläinen
tel. 040 197 7710

Hospice care
tel. 044 702 7421

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