Discharge team

The objective of the discharge team is to get patients discharged as quickly as possible from specialised medical care, wards at the Karhula Hospital, Kotikuntoon unit, and Hamina rehabilitation unit.The goal is as smooth and safe discharge as possible from the perspective of the client, family members, and home care.

The discharge team supports the active rehabilitation of various patient groups in the home environment after a hospital period. The care and rehabilitation take place in the client’s home with the client’s consent, in co-operation with regional home care or private service providers. The duration of the care period is from one week to a few weeks. The duration, amount and content of the care and rehabilitation are planned individually with each client. A client in need of follow-up care becomes a client of regional home care or a private service provider, which draws up a new care plan.

The clients of the discharge team can be patients of specialised medical care or basic health care, who are willing and able to be discharged from a hospital but still need care and rehabilitation to cope at home. The clients of the discharge team are selected systematically, in co-operation between the client, rehabilitation nurse and ward staff.

Contact Information

Street Address
Merikatu 1
48100 Kotka

Head Nurse
Katri Idström
040 670 5277

044 702 6651

040 732 8692

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