Services for immigrants

Being a host to a seaport, Kotka has been an international city throughout its history. Kotka has become even more multicultural in the past decade or so. These pages contain information for immigrants and about immigrants in Kotka.

About 4,000 people with a mother tongue other than Finnish or Swedish live in Kotka at the moment. They come from almost 80 different countries and speak about 60 different languages as their mother tongue. The main language groups are Russian, Estonian, Arabic and Kurdish.

The City of Kotka welcomes immigrants to live in Kotka and to work for the common welfare and a multicultural Kotka!

If you need advice or help, please contact the Immigration Office:


tel. 05 234 5870

Contact information

Services for immigrants
Karhulantie 46,
48600 Kotka

Director of Immigration Work
Pirjo Puolakka
tel. 040 725 1830

Regional Immigration Co-ordinator
Anu Kilpinen
tel. 040 560 5937

Director of Reception Centre
Hannu Leino
tel. 040 762 2816

Immigrant Co-ordinator of City of Kotka and Kotka-Kymi Parishes
Maarit Koskensalo-Tiainen
tel. 044 752 9527

Chief Interpreter Co-ordinator
Jussi Serengil
tel. 05 234 4467
tel. 040 564 5998

Virkaneuvo (initial guidance and advice service for immigrants)
tel. 05 234 5844
tel. 040 510 0547

Immigration Office
tel. 05 234 5870

Interpreter Centre
tel. 05 234 4465

Reception Centre
Unit for adults, office
tel.040 669 1121
Unit for minors
tel. 040 481 7722

The e-mail addresses are of format:
firstname.lastname (at)