Environmental health care

Environmental health care is part of preventive public health work, aiming to promote the health of individuals, the population and the living environment and to prevent disease and injuries.

The objective of environmental health care legislation is to ensure that the local residents have a safe living environment free from factors that cause a health hazard.

Legislation emphasises the operators’ own responsibility, but supervision by the authorities is required so as to ensure that the operations and products are in compliance with the regulations, to ensure the equal treatment of operators, to safeguard consumer protection, and to secure the production conditions of operators.

The areas of operation of environmental health care include:

  • food control
  • health protection (e.g. housing health, household water, swimming water, beauty care, physical exercise facilities)
  • consumer safety supervision
  • tobacco control
  • market supervision of chemicals
  • veterinary care and animal protection

In Kotka, the authority responsible for environmental health care is the Environmental Board and under it the service area of environmental health care in the Environmental Centre. The area of operation comprises the City of Kotka and the Municipality of Pyhtää.

Environmental health care acts also as port health authority in Kotka region.

Contact Information

E-mail: firstname.lastname (at) kotka.fi

Environmental Health Manager
Tanja Häkkinen
Tel. 040 577 2198

Dep. Environmental Health Planner
Jenny Holm
Tel. 040 726 4163

Health Inspector
Mirva Lahtela
Tel. 044 702 4807

Health Inspector
Merja Lumme
Tel.044 702 4808

Health Inspector
Risto Karnaattu
Tel. 044 702 4806

Health Inspector
Tarja Kemppainen
Tel. 044 702 4160

Health Inspector
Heli Kurko
Tel. 040 653 2887