Environmental Centre of City of Kotka

The Environmental Centre is to maintain and develop municipal environmental protection and environmental health care so as to attain ecologically sustainable development and to provide the local people with a comfortable and healthy environment that provides stimulus, and to arrange the permitting procedures, advice and supervision related to the living environment and construction in Kotka.

Current issues

In the summer season (2 June to 29 August), the Environmental Centre is open on weekdays (Monday to Friday) at 8.00-15.00.

Financial and administrative personnel

Head of the Environmental Protection
Heli Ojala
Tel. 05 234 4805
Mobile 044 702 4805

Departmental Secretary
Päivi Pylkkö
- Office
Tel. 05 234 4803

Office Secretary
Seija Karkulahti and Erja Lehto
- Invoicing
Tel. 05 234 4810

Contact Information

Environmental Centre of City of Kotka
Kotkantie 6
48200 KOTKA

ymparistokeskus (at) kotka.fi

Tel. 05 234 4810
Fax 05 234 4815

firstname.lastname (at) kotka.fi