Early childhood education

“Early childhood education is educational interaction taking place in the various aspects of a child’s life, the objective of which is to promote the child’s healthy growth, development and learning.

Parents have the primary right and responsibility for the education of their child, and the early childhood education services provided by society support the child’s home upbringing. Parents choose the early childhood education services for their child.

Early childhood education arranged and supervised by society consists of care, upbringing and education. It is systematic and goal-oriented interaction and co-operation, with the child’s spontaneous play having a central role.

Early childhood education and the pre-school education which is part of it, and basic education form a whole which progresses consistently in terms of the development of the child. Early childhood education also covers children who are in an age subject to compulsory education and use early childhood education services.

An essential component of early childhood education is the interaction between the children, the early childhood education personnel and the parents, and educational partnership.”

National guidelines for early childhood education, Ministry of Social Affairs and Health

Early childhood education in Kotka

Kotka is divided into three day care areas. There is both municipal and private early childhood education available in day care centres, by family day care providers, and in non-institutional early childhood education.

Day care centres

Day care centres offer full-day and part-time care, upbringing and education, primarily for children under school age. The day care centres are open from 6.30 to 17.00, if necessary by separate agreement from 6.00 to 18.00.

Day care centres for children whose parents do shift work

Day care for children whose parents do shift work is available in Kotkansaari at the Meripirtti day care centre, in Karhula at the Raitti day care centre and in Western Kotka at the Utumetsä day care centre. Night and Sunday care are centralised at the Meripirtti day care centre.

Family day care

The modes of operation of family day care are family day care in the day care provider’s home or family day care in the child’s home.

A family day care provider works in her or his own home. In family day care, the day care provider can simultaneously take care of a maximum of four children, including the provider’s own children, and in addition to these provide part-time care to a child who is in pre-school education or has started school.

Non-institutional early childhood education

Non-institutional early childhood education is available in Karhula at the Raitti day care centre, in Western Kotka at the Velho day care centre, and in Kotkansaari at the Päivärinne day care centre.

Early childhood education teachers

Teachers specialised in early childhood education work in their own day care areas to support children who need special support, and day care personnel.