How to apply for day care / how to apply for service voucher

How to apply for day care for a child

  • Applications for day care centres and family day care must be submitted using an application for day care or service voucher.
  • Please submit the application no later than 4 months before the child needs day care, or if the need for day care cannot be foreseen due to sudden starting of employment or education, an application for day care must be applied for no later than 2 weeks prior to the need for care.
  • Deliver the application to the supervisor of the day care area.
  • Information about the availability of day care will be sent to your home about 2 weeks before the start of day care.

Getting to know the new day care

When a child is starting day care, it is recommended to visit the place of day care in advance. The date and time of the visit should be agreed with the head of the day care centre or with the provider of family day care. The visit is free of charge when a child has not yet been given a decision concerning day care and when the child is accompanied by a parent or guardian.

When day care is beginning, it is possible to use for example a shorter care period to get to know the place of day care. This is, however, subject to the normal day care fee.

Electronic services in day care matters

Through electronic services, the family can apply for day care, change their contact details, give their consent to the highest day care fee, and terminate day care. The fee calculator can be used to get an estimate of the future day care fee.

We recommend the use of the electronic day care application.

Services that do not require authentication:
Services intended for new customers are the electronic application and fee calculator.

Electronic application for day care for new clients (in Finnish)

Electronic services that require authentication:
The use of the below services requires authentication by means of your own banking identifiers. In addition, the services require a current or previous customership with day care, in which case the details of the family are contained in the client information system of day care.

Electronic application for day care (Vetuma online identification, in Finnish)

After authentication, you have access to these services:

  • application for day care
  • application for change of place of care day
  • change of telephone and e-mail contact details
  • estimate of the day care fee
  • acceptance of the highest day care fee, in which case no income details are needed
  • termination of day care

Contact information

Supervisors of day care areas

Kotkansaari day care area

Leena Majuri
tel. 05 234 7788,
040 764 2658

Day care area of Western Kotka and Mussalo

Anne Ahonen
tel. 05 234 7846,
040 763 4696

Karhula day care area

Heidi Porttila
tel. 05 234 5285,
040 539 6410

Supervisor of family day care

Merja Meskus
tel. 05 234 5274,
040 764 2671

The e-mail addresses are of format

Electronic services (in Finnish)

Calculation of approximate estimate of day care fee

Accepting the highest day care fee (no income details need to be delivered); requires authentication by means of banking identifiers