Day care services of City of Kotka

Day care services and pre-school education in Kotka take place in a diverse and rich natural and urban environment.

The sceneries range from seascapes to the river Kymijoki and to rural milieus. The urban area houses beautiful parks, nature trails, and many interesting historical attractions.

The day care services in Kotka value children’s culture.

“Day care in Kotka offers a wide range of high-quality early childhood education services, taking the needs of the child and family into account. Early childhood education is based on creating, together with the parents, a safe and positive growth environment, where the child has the opportunity for individual growth, development and learning through play.”

Contact information

Services for children and adolescents
Day care and early childhood education
P.O. Box 257
48101 KOTKA
paivahoito (at)

Street address:
Laivurinkatu 4
48100 KOTKA

tel. 05 234 71

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