Sibelius Park

Mariankatu 12

“Green living room” of Kotka

The Sibelius Park in the centre of Kotka, at the beginning of the Linden Esplanade of Keskuskatu, is an exquisite formal garden which is managed with a caring hand.

The Sibelius Park in the middle of Kotkansaari is a "green living room" for local residents and tourists. The partly geometric and sophisticated design, old trees and beautiful summer flowers render the park especially attractive.

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Symmetrical shapes

Garden Architect Paul Olsson designed the symmetrical formal garden in the 1930s. The Sibelius Park was renovated in the late 1990s, following the original plan.

A fountain was built in the centre of the park in 1955, with the eye-catching statue “Kotkat” (Eagles) by Jussi Mäntynen at top of the fountain.

Named after Jean Sibelius

The park was named after the world-famous Finnish composer Jean Sibelius in 1956.

An information board describing the park is located at the Kaivokatu end of the park.

The Sibelius Park is part of the Sculpture Promenade.