Sculpture Promenade

Outdoor gallery in the heart of Kotka

The Keskuskatu street is lined by the Linden Esplanade of approximately 800 metres. The first trees in the esplanade were planted in the 1800s.

The trees were planted because fixed points and eye-catchers were required in the boulevard. The conversion of the Linden Esplanade into a Sculpture Promenade was a solution that brought life and tension to the townscape. The objective was to create a versatile park which enriches the townscape and presents mainly Finnish high-quality sculptures.

Tapio Junno: “Aurinkoon katsoja” (Looking at the Sun)", bronze, 2001

Sculpture Promenade and works on the map.

The Linden Esplanade was renovated thoroughly in 1996-2001. The pathways were paved, the esplanade was illuminated, and the fixtures were replaced.

Matti Peltokangas: “Tarrautuminen” (Clinging), red granite of Kotka, 2002

The first works of the Sculpture Promenade “Aurinkoonkatsoja” (Looking at the Sun) made of bronze by Tapio Junno, and Jaakko Pernu’s 8-metre high “Kiertolainen” (Vagrant) made of willow were unveiled in 2001.

Jaakko Pernu made a new work, “Pisara meressä” (A Drop in the Sea), replacing his previous work, in 2011 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Sculpture Promenade.

Jaakko Pernu: “Pisara meressä” (A Drop in the Sea), willow, 2011


The Parks and Grounds Department of the City of Kotka is responsible for the practical implementation of the Promenade.




Federico Assler: “Elinvoimainen läsnäolo” (La precencia vital), concrete, 2005

The Linden Esplanade forms the heart of the Sculpture Promenade. The Toivo Pekkanen Park and the Sibelius Park with their works are also essential elements of the Promenade. Now that Maritime Centre Vellamo is completed, the Promenade has extended to the old port, which also houses the Finnish Wooden Boat Centre and which will serve as the cultural harbour.

Kim Simonsson: “Idoli” (Idol), bronze, 2010

There is now a route of over two kilometres in the heart of Kotka, displaying contemporary sculpture art. The Promenade offers high-standard works of art for all those who walk in the centre.

As winter approaches, large illuminated Christmas decorations are suspended from the linden trees. These decorations, which number about 70, have been manufactured by the Parks and Grounds Department of Kotka. The decorations bring light and a warm atmosphere to the dark season of the year.


The Linden Esplanade was granted the foremost award for constructed outdoor environments in Finland, the Environmental Structure of the Year Award, in 2001.

In 2004, the Association of Finnish Sculptors granted the Pro Sculptura medal to the Sculpture Promenade.

There is also an important collection of sculptures in the Sapokka Water Garden. More than a dozen bronze animal sculptures by Hannele Kylänpää have been placed in various parts of the Water Garden.

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