Palotorninvuori Park

Ruotsinsalmenkatu 23

Views to the future cultural harbour

A fire lookout tower was built on the hill beside Ruotsinsalmenkatu in 1895. The tower burnt down in August 1911.

The lookout terrace of the park offers an exellent view of the legendary old harbour of Kotka.

The harbour area houses the Maritime Centre Vellamo, Finnish Wooden Boat Centre, and museum icebreaker Tarmo. The area is evolving into a cultural harbour.

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The Hietanen Harbour and the silhouette of the Sunila pulp mill designed by Alvar Aalto can be seen from the lookout terrace across the bay.

Alvar Aalto also designed the Sunila residential area in the surroundings of the mill in the 1930s. The area still attracts those interested in architecture from all parts of the world.

The Palotorninvuori Park was renovated in 2005 to 2006. The park walkways leading to the lookout terrace were paved, new plants were added, the lighting was renewed, and a dog fence was built.

The statue “Ahtaajat” (Stevedores) by Oskari Jauhiainen was erected on Palotorninvuori in 1966 to pay homage to stevedoring work. Stevedores soon renamed the statue “the plank thieves”, because the men depicted in the statue carry a heavier load than what was actually carried in the old days.

There is also an air defence memorial commemorating the bombing of Kotka in 1939-1944. The gun placement which used to be located at that place had an important role in the air defence of Kotka.