Kumparepuisto Park

Muuralankuja 57

Outdoor activities throughout the year

The Kumparepuisto Park is located in Otsola on Hiidenkirnuntie in the immediate vicinity of residential areas. This park is a six-hectare outdoor recreational area.

The mounds rise to elevations of approx. 30, 35 and 45 metres from the sea level. The sea can be seen from the top of the second highest mound.

The park is an excellent example of the re-use of land areas. A former municipal landfill has been converted into a green area by using approx. one million cubic metres of excess soil material. The park provides a versatile setting for physical exercise and other outdoor activities in all seasons of the year.

The picnic sites within the park offer an opportunity to barbecue. If you wish to use the barbecue, please bring your own wood or charcoal. The playground is sure to appeal to both children and their parents.


Labrador teas grow naturally in the bog and wetland area of approx. two hectares between Hiidenkirnuntie and the mounds. Rhododendrons have also been planted in this area.

Frisbee golf

The park has a 12 fairway frisbee golf course in a varying and challenging terrain. In addition to the actual throwing sites, there are five practice sites. You can find further information on the frisbee golf course site.

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