Isopuisto Park

Ruotsinsalmenkatu 4

Atmosphere of an English-style park

The largest constructed park in Kotkansaari, the Isopuisto Park of approx. eight hectares, was originally established around the Orthodox church of St Nicholas built in 1801.

Grand Duke Constantine attended the ceremony of laying the cornerstone of the church at the end of the 18th century. The first common silver firs were planted in the area during his visit. This can be regarded as the beginning of the history of parks in Kotka.

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The Isopuisto Park is an English-style landscape park, where the terrain contours, natural trees and pathways made by the users have formed the basis of the design.

The park walkways settle naturally among the old trees. The numerous trees beaten by decades of winds, together with the rocky surfaces, give the area a characteristic, island-like atmosphere.

The park has two playgrounds, a game field and a paddling pool for children plus an area for dogs.

An information board on the park can be found at the corner of the volunteer fire-brigade building.

Large group of planted flowers

An impressive group of flowers more than 1,000 square metres in size is located beside Ruotsinsalmenkatu in front of the Orthodox church.

In addition to over 50 species of perennials, there are azaleas and climbing plants which bloom in glowing colours. In the spring, thousands of bulbs come into flower. The large variety of species in the group guarantees that there are flowers to admire from spring till late autumn.