Frisbee golf course

Skill or luck?

A frisbee golf course of 12 fairways has been completed in the Kumparepuisto Park located in Otsola in Kotka. The course runs in varying and challenging terrain.

Rules of frisbee golf in brief:

  1. The objective is to get the frisbee from the start to finish with as few throws as possible.
  2. After the first throw, that player who is farthest from the basket can continue first. The next throw must be made from the place where the previous throw ended. A player can throw as many times as it takes to get the frisbee in the basket.
  3. Once the frisbee is released from the hand, the throw can be fouled. A throw made from a distance of 10 metres to the basket or closer is a put. A put cannot be fouled.
  4. A fairway has been completed when the frisbee is in the basket.
  5. The winner is the player who completes the course with the least throws.
  6. Take others using the course into account while playing, and leave the course in a good condition for others. Collect everything that you bring with you – do not leave rubbish in the area!
  7. Frisbee golf is a spirit sport – the most important thing is to have fun!