City of Kotka, Parks and Grounds Department

Parks and green areas

Katariina Seaside Park

The Parks and Ground Department is responsible for the planning, construction and maintenance of green area in Kotka. Green areas refer to parks, green areas of traffic routes, urban forests and beaches. Playgrounds, neughbourhood sports grounds, nature trails ets. are also included.

Green areas in Kotka total some 1,400 hectares, of which about 170 hectares are actual parks. Our goal is to create a chain of magnificent, quite different green areas which are easy to reach.

Deveploment of green areas

Funding for Kotka´s green areas was inconsistent until the early 1980s.

Initially, developments were rather small, but by focusing on highly visible assets, greater support was obtained from local residents and decision-makers. Gradually also resources for reconditioning and maintenance of parks was obtained.

High-quality design, implementation and maintenance

Input by the City of Kotka in park construction is evident in several national awards Kotka´s parks have won.

The Parks and Grounds Department also conducts custom-made design, construction and maintenance of
yard areas of real estate owned by the City.

Official duties of the department also cover the processing of permits for the felling of trees within the zoned area.

Quality system

The Parks and Grounds Department of Kotka is the only public sector park organisation in Finland to have certified its entire operations. This took place in 2001.

The most recent update of the quality management system was in April 2011.