Other bodies

Other bodies of the City of Kotka include children’s parliament, youth council, archipelago council, council for people with disabilities, accessible Kotka and council for the elderly.

Children’s parliament

The purpose of the children’s parliament is to promote the opportunities of children to participate in and contribute to decision-making, to highlight the needs of children, and to promote the equal participation of children in the various functions of society.

Youth council

The youth council aims to promote young people’s participation, influence and operating opportunities in Kotka, to serve as the channel for adolescents in matters concerning them, to bring out the perspective of young people by making proposals, initiatives and statements to the various bodies of the City, and to organise youth events.

Archipelago council

The archipelago council is to make proposals and initiatives concerning the development of the archipelago and to provide opinions in matters covered by the Archipelago Act.

Council for people with disabilities

The council for persons with disabilities in the City of Kotka is a co-operation organ between the City and local people with disabilities, their families, and organisations of people with disabilities. The council is responsible for issues such as promotion of contribution of people with disabilities to local decision-making and to the different functions of society.

Accessible Kotka

An accessibility and lift council works in the City of Kotka, with the aim of promoting accessibility and an unobstructed and safe environment.

Council for the elderly

The council for the elderly is a co-operation organ of the City and local pensioners’ organisations. It aims to promote the co-operation between authorities, the elderly and organisations of the elderly and pensioners as well as to promote the contribution and influence of old-aged persons in decision-making.