Duties of City Executive Board

By virtue of Section 23 of the Local Government Act, the local executive board is responsible for the administration and financial management of the municipality and for the preparation and execution of local council decisions and for oversight of their legality.

In addition, the rules and regulations state that it is the duty of the City Executive Board to take care of the:

  • management and development of the City in accordance with the objectives set, strategies and plans approved and decisions made by the City Council
  • management and control of Kotka Group.

The City Executive Board oversees the interests of the City and, unless otherwise specified in the rules and regulations, represents the City and uses its right of action.

The City Executive Board gives guidelines to those who represent the City in various administrative bodies in matters requiring the City’s position.

The group section and the personnel section work under the City Executive Board.

Group administration serves as the general preparatory and executive body of the City Executive Board.


Members of City Executive Board (In Finnish)