Business in Kotka

The Kotka region offers various business opportunities especially due to the vicinity of vast Russian markets.

Logistics, trade and service branches are developing positively.

The Port of HaminaKotka Ltd is the biggest universal and export port in Finland. Industry is a strong line of business in the region, especially the forest and metal industries along with the fast growing renewable energy and game industry.

A stable and advanced infrastructure, excellent connections, security and a clean and beautiful environment provide unique resources for both business and leisure.


Interested in doing business is Kotka? Please contact us.

Development Director
Mrs. Terhi Lindholm
phone +358 40 670 8222
e-mail or

City Planning Director
Mr. Markku Hannonen
phone +358 5 234 4341

For assistance in locating, establishing and developing companies in the region, you can also contact the regional development company Cursor:

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